Synthetic turf for residential lawn landscape applications

Natural Looking, Low Maintenance and Environmentally Friendly

Boone Action Turf is so natural looking to the eye and you will not believe the REAL feel, even when walking barefoot! Our durable, high quality materials make it the perfect solution for residential use for outdoor play kids areas, custom patio/rooftops, backyard sports, pets/dog runs and anything else you can imagine, we can help. So save water, save the environment from the harmful pollutants from lawnmowers, lawn chemicals and most importantly save time and money.

Suggested Turf Products

Maintaining Synthetic Lawn is Easy

A light rinsing and grooming (use a stiff bristled rake or broom) will help maintain the fibers in your new lawn. Some home owners have installed stepping stones in high traffic areas to keep their new synthetic lawn from matting down.

Simple Turf Care Tips

Pets owners will need to clean their turf more often. Also top dressing an Artificial Turf Deodorizer will help with any smell issues.Your new synthetic lawn drains faster than natural grass. The backing of the turf itself has perforated holes to allow the water to flow through the turf. Your base work underneath will provide the water to properly drain then into the ground.